The Bergen study

The first and most important study to determine if Phenylcapsaicin has

the same metabolic properties as capsaicin.









Our first study

Phenylcapsaicin is quite identical to capsaicin in its active molecule part. But the question is if it also had comparable metabolic properties?


Comparable metabolic proporties

First, and still, most important study – The Bergen study. The research was on comparable metabolism and aimed to investigate the uptake and breakdown of natural capsaicin vs. phenylcapsaicin.

Great results

    • Huge study – 3,5 kg paper! – PROVED that phenylcapsaicin behaved in the same way in our body: similar uptake, metabolism and breakdown.

    • Gives exactly the same metabolism which was exactly what was needed!

    • Proof of that we can use the scientific reports about capsaicin for phenylcapsaicin as well!

    • BREAKTHROUGH and the moment when the adventure with aXivite really started!