Clinical test

aXivite, shows significant effect in decrease of body fat and improved gut health in new randomized clinical trial.










Our latest study

In a recently completed healthy human study, aXivite demonstrated statistically
significant body fat loss, an improved body-shape and lean mass profile and improved gut health, as measured by a decrease in serum zonulin.

Study, design and result

The eight-week study was conducted as a randomized, double-blind, parallel-group clinical trial of male and female subjects recruited at a single investigational centre in Northeast Ohio. The study was conducted following ICH-GCP guidelines. 39 patients completed the study – 12 placebos treated, 15 high dose (1,12 mg/day) aXivite treated and 12 low dose (0,560 mg/day) aXivite treated.

The study demonstrates an excellent safety and tolerability profile at both high (1, 12mg/day) and low (0,560mg/day) doses, however proved to be most effective at the lower dose.

Reduction in body fat

The reduction in body fat was almost double for those using the lower doses compared to those using placebos as shown in the diagram.

I addition, this fat reduction also led to a healthier body shape. The healthier body shape was quantified by a statistically significant decrease in hip circumference of 2.1 cm for the low dose treatment group.  



Zonulin and gut health

Serum levels of the critical gut barrier marker, zonulin, showed a statistically significant decrease for the low dose treatment group over the 8 week period.

Human zonulin is a protein that increases permeability in the epithelial layer of the small intestine by reversibly modulating the intercellular tight junctions. Treatment that lowers this circulatory marker can be considered a method to promote improved gut health.

Low doses give advantages

The effectiveness at low doses gives aXivite an opportunity to formulate robust health benefits solutions in a single pill being both efficient and efficacious at a competitive cost.

Compared to other brands the efficacious dos for metabolic support and weight management is much lower.



About the study

The purpose of study (”Effects of Phenylcapsaicin on Weight Loss and Body Composition” conducted at the Centre for Applied Health Sciences. ) is to determine the effects of daily supplementation with aXivite (phenylcapsaicin) on body weight and body composition during an 8-week diet and exercise program. Secondary purposes are to collect information on insulin resistance, appetite, cravings for sweet foods, mental clarity, mood, fatigue, as well as safety information via clinical chemistry panels of serum and plasma. 

 After giving informed consent and being cleared for participation by passing a screening physical, 60 overweight recreationally active men and women (aged 18-45 yr) are randomly assigned to receive either aXivite (phenylcapsaicin) or a placebo. Following baseline testing, all groups will undergo eight weeks of daily supplementation, a calorie restricted diet (500 calories less than their estimated daily requirement), and an increase in habitual physical activity (30 min of walking exercise 3 days per week). All subjects will be tested for changes in body weight, body girths, body composition and insulin resistance as well as general markers of health (heart rate, blood pressure, and comprehensive clinical chemistry panels of serum and plasma) before and after eight weeks of supplementation.