Enhancing the

effect with aXivite

Superior bioenhancement effect and 8 times higher bioavailability














Accelerate your nutrition uptake with aXivite, an effective bioenhancer. Scientifically verified, it facilitates a healthy and quick uptake of ingredients, such as curcumin. Compared to natural capsaicin, the bioenhancement effect is superior and microencapsulation enhances absorption and improves the nutrient uptake. As shown in the CACO trial, the presence of phenylcapsaicin doubled the relative uptake of curcumin.



With its high bioavailability, aXivite delivers up to 8 times higher plasma concentration at the same dosage compared to natural capsaicin. This allows for a much lower quantity needed, making aXivite a cost efficient, practical, and very safe solution for a variety of new applications, as well as a more effective alternative to naturally extracted capsaicin.


Benefits of aXivite

  • Enhance uptake of difficult ingredient such as Curcumin

  • Greater bioenhancement effect than Natural Capsaicin

  • Enter the blood stream faster than Natural capsaicin

  • Gives at least 5 times higher plasma concentration at the same dosage

  • Need lower dosage than Natural Capsaicin