Phenylcapsaicin vs capsaicin

Pharmacokinetic Study following o.d and b.i.d Oral Dosing of Phenylcapsaicin to Healthy Human Subjects. 












CACO trials

The CACO trial shows  that the presence of phenylcapsaicin doubled
the relative uptake of curcumin. In addition the study shows that the
microencapsulation also enhances absorption and improves the nutrient uptake.

Orange line 

Five grams of capsicum providing 26.6 milligram of capsaicin: ”Pharmacokinetic and The Effect of Capsaicin in Capsicum frutescens on Decreasing Plasma Glucose Level Kamon Chaiyasit MSc*, Weerapan Khovidhunkit MD, PhD**, Supeecha Wittayalertpanya MSc*”

Blue line

Clinical Trial Dose of 1,12mg BID of Phenylcapsaicin/aXivite: ”Effects of Phenyl-Capsaicin on Weight Loss and Body Composition, Tim N. Ziegenfuss, Ph.D., CSCS”