Improving health naturally

The health benefits of chili with its active ingredient capsaicin are well established in science
















Pure efficiency for improved health

aXivite® is an innovative natural analogue capsaicin solution for a wide range of dietary health applications. It reduces body weight and fight obesity as well as treating high blood pressure. It is also known to ease irritation in the gut, reduces gut inflammation and promote a healthy gut microbiota. In addition, it increases metabolism and lower the energy intake.

Gut health

An appetizing innovation for a good gut health. aXivite strengthens the protective lining of the gastrointestinal tract. Balance the composition and content of intestinal flora. It also reduces gut inflammation… Read more here

Sport nutrition

Boosted metabolism in a natural way. aXivite is an important innovation for modern sports nutrition. It boosts energy and performance pre-workout while lowering the need for energy intake post-workout… Read more here

Weight loss

aXivite® reduces body weight and has the potential to treat obesity. It increases fat oxidation, stimulates energy burning and turns white fat into brown fat. It is anti-inflammatory and several clinical tests have proven its efficiency... Read more here


Accelerate your nutrition uptake with aXivite, an effective bioenhancer. Scientifically verified, it facilitates a healthy and quick uptake of ingredients, such as curcumin. Compared to natural capsaicin, the bioenhancement effect is superior... Read more here