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Clinical study – aerobic performance and fat oxidation

aXivite boosts energy and performance. It is an anti-fatigue substance that can reduce body fat. In a recent clinical trial, the findings showed that aXivite increased aerobic capacity through the improvement of fat oxidation, maximum heart rate, and perceptual responses during exercise. 

Levelling up performance

The researchers found that aXivite helps the body utilise fat more effectively as a fuel source during exercise, thereby increasing fat oxidation that can lead to reduced body fat.

Using aXivite before training also lowers the maximum heart rate, contributing to better heart health and endurance. 

Impressive results

 An additional finding discovered that during workouts, the thermal perception in the clavicle (collarbone) was lowered, thus influencing comfort and tolerance. Feeling cooler in these areas affects the level of fatigue and will help you tolerate more. Finally, by using aXivite, the workouts can be more intense and longer endured due to a reduced perceived exertion rate during maximal effort, i.e., you don’t feel that your body needs to work as hard to achieve a full workout. 

Want to know more?

Read more about the study below and how aXivite can boost your performance when training.

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The full study

You can also read the complete study here. Published in the research journal Frontiers – Front. Physiol., 09 May 2023 Sec. Exercise Physiology Volume 14 – 2023.