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We have distributors all around the world

aXivite has several marketing and distribution agreements with distributors in different markets. Our distribution network is constantly growing with producers and suppliers of ingredients for dietary supplements, food and beverages.

Are you interested in using aXivite in one of your products? Please contact your local distributor or get in contact with us.

USA and Canada

See Nutrition

See Nutrition is a speciality nutraceutical distributor and the exclusive U.S. supplier for some of the leading European nutrition and biotech companies. The company specializes in supplying high-quality, science-backed ingredients to the U.S. dietary supplement and medical foods industries.



STEFES Ingredients GmbH is a supplier of raw materials for food supplements, functional foods, nutraceuticals and beverages. The company’s portfolio also includes raw materials for cosmetics and animal nutrition.


Active & co

Actives & Co is a young and dynamic French company, founded in 2015 in Lyon with the support of European raw material manufacturers respectively located in Germany and Spain. Actives & Co’s main clients are food supplement manufacturers, cosmetics companies and veterinary companies.



Res Pharma is active on the Italian market since more than 50 years and is today a point of reference in Italy for the distribution of ingredients of prestigious international partners to the cosmetic, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical Industry.



A well-established distributor in the food supplement and nutrition segment in Europe. BART not only has the sales and distribution knowledge, but also resources in production and product development.

Spain and Portugal


Pharmafoods is a company dedicated to the distribution of special ingredients for dietary supplements, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors. Pharmafoods distributes only branded, designed products and provides high technical support and solid documentation.