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Clinical trial – performance

aXivite boosts energy and performance. It is an anti-fatigue substance that can reduce the perception of pain and possibly enhance muscle contraction. In a recent clinical trial, the findings show that aXivite enhances performance by as much as 11% and leads to faster recovery.

A break-through trial

The ground-breaking clinical trial on sport performance evaluates the impact of aXivite on mechanical variables such as velocity, force, and power in strength-trained men.

By measuring the perception of fatigue, muscle damage, and protein breakdown, the researchers found that aXivite can increase resistance training volume as identified through full squat velocity performance.

Impressive results

Taking aXivite 45 minutes before exercise favourably impacts performance, muscle damage, and protein breakdown. It also showed a large biochemical and mechanical anti-fatigue effect.

This means that aXivite may increase resistance training volume, i.e., that after your exercise you can still train more before you get exhausted as well as leading to a faster recovery.

Want to know more?

Read more about the study below and how aXivite can boost your performance when training.

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The full study

You can also read the complete study here. Published in Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.